My Favorite Coding Games

The way to be a better programmer is to write more code.

One of the roadblocks to this is deciding what to write. Piano students usually books full of music that they can play, but unless you’re working on some big project, you might not have any ideas of what code you should write to practice.

So, here are three of my favorite websites that you can use to help you practice writing code and become a better programmer:

The Big-Oh, Part 1

The most important concept in computer science isn’t writing code, it’s efficient algorithms. A programmer works to write code to solve a problem. A computer scientist works to create a repeatable method for solving the problem in the most efficient way.

Big-Oh is a notation for expressing the complexity of an algorithm. We usually use it for time complexity, which is the opposite of time efficiency. The higher the time complexity, the lower the time efficiency. In other words, when we use the word complexity in this way, a more complex algorithm is slower than a less complex one.

Hello, World

Hi there!

I’m Professor Jake. I’m a computer programmer, software engineer, computer scientist, and university professor.

Here’s something interesting: Did you know that 60% of all professional programmers don’t have a formal computer science degree? Most are actually self-taught.

So, as both a working programmer and a CS professor, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…